Federal Compliance Corp

Setting the Standard for Cargo Compliance



TSA Cargo

Federal Compliance Corporation (FEDCOM) is a new way to address compliance regulations. You can now have your compliance paperwork updated, corrected, and ready for any inspection that TSA throws your way.

Donna Goetz, founder, is a retired TSA Cargo Inspector, the top in her class, who taught TSA Cargo classes at the FAA Academy at Oklahoma City, OK, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), was a Cargo Inspector On the Job Training Instructor, and helped develop the TSA Cargo Training Curriculum.

FEDCOM knows what TSA Inspections require because we used to perform the inspections. FEDCOM is a fully approved IAC. We are not an authorized representative. This frees you from the requirement to list us as either a representative or an employee. We are highly trained, former TSA inspectors ready to work for you.

FEDCOM can help keep your company productive by maintaining all compliance records for your Security Coordinator. By keeping all compliance paperwork current and valid, FEDCOM can prevent you from taking time away from yourself or your full time employees, and stopping productivity to put on the compliance hat for another TSA Inspection. FEDCOM maintains your regulatory documents, handles TSA correspondence, including the Outcome Focused Compliance (OFC) program, researches the IACSSP, informs you of upcoming password expirations, IACMS updates, annual IAC renewals, and STA expirations.

Inspections are necessary, and there is always a cost to compliance. You can help to mitigate that cost by putting the burden of compliance on us, and allowing your employees to do their jobs without interruption, and without the worry that you are not compliant with TSA regulations.

FEDCOM gives you the confidence that employee training, STAs, and authorized representatives are current and compliant with TSA requirements at all times. Not only will your required documents be up to date, in order, and at your fingertips, but a redundant file is kept at FEDCOM in the event that a piece of paperwork is accidentally misfiled or destroyed.

With the release of Change 6 of the IACSSP, training requirements shift the burden onto you. FEDCOM has you covered with training that will ensure that you have informed, security conscious employees working for you.

We all want to make sure cargo is safe to fly, and that we are compliant with Federal Regulations. Let the experts at FEDCOM do the heavy lifting on the compliance side. At FEDCOM, we consider it a privilege to help you to carry on your business without interruption, to provide you with the knowledge that all TSA requirements are met. We don't provide lists. We tailor our work to your unique and individual business.