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You will find the FedCom IAC Industry Report the least expensive and most valuable resource available in providing expert advice and information in a completely safe environment.

The one-year, 12-issue subscription includes Level One FedCom services, including:

When I was a TSI, prior to Change 5 of the IACSSP, and the new Full All Cargo Program, there were listening sessions in several areas of the country. I attended the sessions at ORD for both. There were changes that were contested in the IAC session, but the TSA attorneys were dismissive as one by one, individuals from various IACs stood to voice their concerns. What a change from the session for FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc. Those corporations sent their attorneys who had a game plan going into the session and presented a united front to TSA. They virtually dictated the contents of their program.

Because customers are hard won, and communication among the IAC industry was not developed, the IACSSP was put into effect with very little industry input. This is an opportunity to become involved, not only in what is best for your company, but what is best for the Industry.

The Report is only available to IACs currently on the TSA Master IAC List. It is delivered monthly to the subscriber's email address on file. By subscribing, you, the owner of the email of record, agree to secure the content of the FedCom IAC Industry Report, and only to provide any portion of the content to individuals trained in the handling of Sensitive Security Information (SSI) with a need to know the content provided.

Use the link below to subscribe to the IAC Industry Report. A welcome email with more information will be sent to you immediately. The cost of the subscription for 12 months of the FEDCOM which includes IAC only information and membership into the most comprehensive IAC professional association is $600.00 per year, This subscription includes unlimited access to former inspectors to field your questions, which will be answered in the next issue of the Report without disclosing your identification or location unless specifically requested by you. You have input into what you want researched and reported for a cost far below the membership fees for most professional organizations.

Payment for Report subscriptions is quick and easy using your company credit card or e-check on Paypal through our easy Payment page.

Of course, should you be experiencing an issue requiring immediate attention, FEDCOM's experts are available for same day consultation. Report subscribers are afforded that attention at a reduced rate depending on the complexity of the issue. FEDCOM offers many other services to the IAC community under the Indirect Air Carriers button at the top of the page.

We all want cargo to fly safely, and we all want to be treated fairly by the federal government. Subscribe to the FEDCOM IAC Industry Report and be confidant that you are taking positive steps to both those goals.

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