Federal Compliance Corp

Setting the Standard for Cargo Compliance



TSA Cargo

Federal Compliance Corporation (FEDCOM) is a new way to address Air Carrier and Authorized Representative cargo compliance issues. Federal fines have increased, as has inspection activity. Whether cargo handling deficiencies have been brought to your attention internally or through TSA inspection activity, FEDCOM can help improve your compliance stance.

When urgent matters require immediate action, FEDCOM is there with answers and customized solutions. A correct and rapid response on your part, following TSA findings, will help you to get back into compliance quickly and possibly mitigate any fines.

The initial consultation is free and will provide you an immediate roadmap back to compliance that you can bring to your Corporate personnel and TSA. FEDCOM will then work with you to set up immediate and long-term fixes, including navigating the TSA Outcome Focused Compliance (OFC) Program. All information on your company, including that divulged in the initial consultation, whether or not you choose to work with FEDCOM, will remain completely confidential.

FEDCOM keeps you from being blindsided by violations and having to scramble for answers. You can have a proactive solution to give your Corporate people and TSA the same day you find out about the deficiencies.

Donna Goetz, FEDCOM Founder, is a retired TSA Cargo Inspector, the top in her Inspectors Class, who taught Cargo and Aviation Inspections classes at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), was a Cargo Inspector On the Job Training (OJT) Instructor, and helped to develop the TSA Cargo Training Curriculum.

FEDCOM understands compliance because we performed the inspections. All FEDCOM employees hold Security Threat Assessments (STA). This allows you to easily add us as Authorized Representatives with a "need to know" status for Sensitive Security Information (SSI) access and to train and test.

FEDCOM considers it a privilege to help you, and seriously believes in our obligation to make sure that cargo is safe to fly.