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Federal Compliance Corporation, FEDCOM, is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative air cargo compliance solutions that will help you to be 100% in compliance with TSA regulations and stay ahead of the curve with STAs, Training, and federal password updates. Our creative techniques and cutting edge technology allow us to maintain your files and to go to our redundant backup system in the event that you cannot locate key documents for inspections. We simplify the TSA compliance process for you allowing you to focus on your top priority, your business, without dedicating an employee to compliance maintenance. With FEDCOM, you can be guaranteed stress free handling of your compliance issues without ever again being locked out of a TSA website or stopping business to locate required paperwork.

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We offer complete inspection of documents, personnel, facilities, and procedures, correction of any identified deficiencies, identification of possible vulnerabilities which may lead to deficiencies and violations, checklist of all work performed and a recommended actions report, a hard copy "TSA Book" containing all required document copies in a tabbed binder for inspection purposes, redundant hard and electronic files of the TSA Book in the event of loss of any documents at the client's office, update notifications of SDs and ICs interpreted to the specific parameters of the individual client, and notification of approaching password, STA, and Training expiration.

Beyond this, at an hourly rate, FEDCOM can act as a buffer between TSA and the client by answering questions which may possibly bring about closer TSA scrutiny and extra inspections, IACSSP interpretation and training, and participation in TSA inspections.

We provide a value that is unmatchable in our industry by putting your compliance worries into the hands of compliance professionals.

We treat your company's proprietary and personal information like SSI. All communication and documentation is encrypted.


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